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Top Tips for Coping With Stress

If you feel more stressed — or anxious or depressed — than usual, you’re not alone. The COVID-19 pandemic and other social changes are increasing stress for many people. Stress can harm your health, so let’s explore some relaxation techniques.

Sep 10th, 2020
Are Your Family’s Vaccinations Up-to-Date?

Vaccines are a critical part of preventive health care. These safe injections help your body develop the antibodies needed to fight off dangerous diseases. But some vaccines need boosters to maintain effectiveness — is your family up-to-date?

Aug 21st, 2020
How You Should Prepare for Your Pre-Employment Physical

After making a conditional job offer, many employers require a pre-employment physical to ensure you are healthy and fit enough to complete your new job responsibilities. Read on to learn how to prepare for your new-hire physical and what to expect.

Jun 4th, 2020
Injured at Work? These Should Be Your First Steps

An American is injured at work approximately every seven seconds. If you’re one of them, the right steps can help you recover quickly and with less pain. Read on to learn the best first steps to follow after a work injury.

May 12th, 2020
Is Your Child an Athlete? Consider a Sports Physical

Is your child ready to start their first year of competitive sports, or are they already participating in a particular after school program? If so, now is the time to ensure they get a proper sports physical.

Apr 17th, 2020
Why an X-Ray Might Be a Good Idea If You Are Injured

X-rays are a critical diagnostic tool, especially when it comes to evaluating injuries. Our urgent care providers use X-rays to ensure they get the right diagnosis and give you the treatment you need to recover quickly and safely.

Mar 11th, 2020
Urgent Care vs. Emergency Visit: What You Need to Know

If you or a member of your family needs prompt medical attention, your choices for care include urgent care clinics and emergency rooms. In most cases, urgent care is your best option — emergencies aren’t as common as you may think. read on to learn more.

Feb 1st, 2020
SculpSure: Start Treatment Now and Be Beach Ready by Summer

With swimsuit season right around the corner, you may be putting in some extra time at the gym. But if you still can’t get rid of your love handles or belly bulge, you may want to consider SculpSure® now to be beach ready by summer.

Jan 6th, 2020