Which Conditions are Eligible for Walk-In Medical Care?

Which Conditions are Eligible for Walk-In Medical Care?

When you need immediate care for a pressing medical concern, you usually can’t wait a few hours — let alone a few days — for a standard appointment with your primary care provider. Whether you’re experiencing worrisome symptoms of an acute illness, or you’ve sustained a painful, non-life-threatening injury, the sooner you get expert care, the better. 

As urgent care specialists who evaluate and treat walk-in patients with concerning symptoms, acute illnesses, and serious injuries every day of the week, our experienced team at American River Urgent Care knows just how important it is to have high-quality, accessible medical care when you need it, no appointment necessary.

At our walk-in clinic in Orangevale, California, we provide prompt medical care for a full scope of pressing, non-emergency health issues. Let’s take a closer look at the kinds of symptoms and conditions that might bring you to our office for an unplanned visit. 

When you’re in need of urgent medical care

When you find yourself dealing with a pressing medical problem that isn’t grave enough to be considered a life- or limb-threatening emergency — but is serious enough to warrant prompt professional evaluation and treatment — it’s time to head to our walk-in clinic. 

Urgent medical issues don’t typically get better on their own, and in most cases, they require quick expert care. Without timely treatment, serious acute health problems tend to worsen. In some cases, they can even lead to complications that affect your overall well-being.

Comprehensive walk-in medical care services 

With our on-site diagnostic lab, digital X-ray services, and seasoned team of board-certified medical providers, our walk-in clinic is fully equipped to handle your pressing urgent care needs seven days a week. This includes:

Concerning symptoms

Visit our walk-in clinic when you or someone in your family experiences any of the following symptoms:

Remember, potentially serious symptoms like chest pain, shortness of breath, confusion, and sudden weakness are best evaluated in the emergency room (ER), not a walk-in clinic.

Suspected illnesses

Our team diagnoses and treats common illnesses and infections every day of the week. Head to our walk-in clinic if you suspect you or a family member has:

Head to the ER if you or your family member has severe symptoms associated with any of these common illnesses, such as breathlessness with a suspected case of COVID-19, or a very high fever with a suspected UTI.

Acute serious injuries

If you or a family member sustains a serious, non-life-threatening injury at home, at work, in a minor fender bender, or on the sports field, our walk-in clinic is equipped to meet your needs. This includes:

Always seek emergency care for severe injuries like a complex fracture, dislocated joint, large laceration, or a major head injury (concussion). 

Worrisome reactions

At our walk-in clinic, we also help patients of all ages who are experiencing asthma flare-ups and allergic reactions. We can assess and treat:

Poison ingestion, toxin exposure, and severe allergic reactions or asthma attacks are medical emergencies that require specialist care in the ER. 

Our walk-in clinic is open seven days a week

If you have an urgent medical need, our team at American River Urgent Care can help. Stop by our walk-in clinic in Orangevale, California, today — we’re open from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm every weekday, and from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm on weekends. You can also call our office or click online to book an appointment at your convenience any time. 

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