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5 Reasons You Should Take Advantage of Our Walk-in Clinic

In many cases, you have sudden and unexpected healthcare needs that require medical attention. Millions of Americans use walk-in clinics and urgent care when they get sick or injured. 

Here at American River Urgent Care in Orangevale, California, our team provides walk-in services for patients of all ages. We want to help you and your family lead healthy, active lives. Read on to discover just five of the reasons you should take advantage of our walk-in clinic.

1. No appointment necessary

If your child wakes up with yellow or white patches in their throat or injures themselves on the soccer pitch, the last thing you want to do is wait around for an appointment. Even if your child’s sports physical or flu shot slipped your mind, you don’t have to wait days for an appointment for non-urgent care. You can come right into our walk-in clinic and receive immediate, patient-focused care. 

2. Insurance accepted

Our practice also accepts most insurance plans, which means that you only need to shell out for your co-pay. Of course, there may be additional costs depending on your condition, but our services are significantly less expensive than other options. Here at American River Urgent Care, we do our best to keep healthcare affordable and accessible.

3. Comprehensive services

Our team provides extensive healthcare services at our walk-in clinic. We can diagnose and treat most illnesses ranging from strep throat and the flu to gastroenteritis. We also have an on-site lab and X-ray capabilities, so you don’t need to make additional appointments. Our team also offers physicals, vaccines, COVID-19 testing, and more to protect and preserve your health. 

4. Avoid costly ER visits

Unless your life is in danger, for example, if you have chest pain or can’t breathe, you should avoid going to the emergency room. Not only will lower priority cases have to wait, but the cost of an ER visit is immense. The average co-pay for an ER visit is around $250. However, with the rise of high deductible insurance plans, you could be left with thousands of dollars worth of medical bills when it’s all said and done. 

5. Feel better faster

When you’re injured or feeling sick, the more quickly you get a diagnosis and treatment, the sooner you start to feel better. Our walk-in clinic provides immediate, same-day care to help you get back to your regular activities quickly and safely. You don’t need to put your health on the back burner or wait for expert medical care.

While you can always make an appointment with us by calling our office or booking online, you can also make your way to our walk-in clinic. If you or a family member need medical attention, you can count on us. 

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