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How You Should Prepare for Your Pre-Employment Physical

Landing a new job is exciting, a new opportunity is open to you. However, before your first day, your employer might want you to have a pre-employment physical. After a lengthy interview process, this can feel like one more hoop to jump through. Still, for many roles, it's critical to ensure that you are physically and mentally healthy enough to fulfill your new responsibilities and reduce your risk of work-related injuries. Some careers, like police, firefighters, and commercial drivers, are required by law to have pre-employment physicals. 

Here at American River Urgent Care in Orangevale, California, our team provides pre-employment physicals, completing and required testing and paperwork provided by your employer. We're excited to help you take the next step in your career. 

How to prepare

Reading this blog is an excellent first step to prepare. You should also read any pre-employment paperwork to collect as much information as possible about your new employer's expectations. You can't change your health overnight, but you can take a few steps to prepare.

For example, if your employer screens for drug use, stop using any recreational drugs. While recreational marijuana is legal in California, employers can still screen for drug use. If you need to have any lab work, check if you need to avoid eating or drinking for a few hours before your appointment. 

What to bring

You should also make sure you have all of the documentation and information we need to complete your pre-employment physical. For example, you might need to bring:

Your pre-employment physical paperwork should include any other documents you need to provide at the time of your exam. 

What to expect during a pre-employment physical

New-hire physicals vary depending on the requirements of your employer. For example, some companies require stamina and physical ability testing or psychological screening along with standard testing. 

You can expect many of the same tests and screenings that you would have at your annual physical exam. Our team checks your blood pressure, temperature, and heart rate. They listen to your heart and lungs and feel your abdomen for signs of disease or other abnormalities. 

Depending on the requirements of your employer we also offer:

If you need a pre-employment physical, contact us to schedule your appointment today. You can call our practice or book online.

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