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SculpSure: Start Treatment Now and Be Beach Ready by Summer

Your New Year’s resolutions are going great. You’re hitting the gym and eating better and the holiday pounds are falling off. But the belly bulge just won’t budge.

You’re not alone if you struggle to get the perfect body despite all your best efforts. Certain pockets of fat are just stubborn that way. But with summer right around the corner, you may be worried about how you’re going to look in your swimsuit.

Well, we may have a solution for you. Here at American River Urgent Care in Orangevale, California, we can help you get rid of those stubborn bulges of fat for good with Warmsculpting by SculpSure®. But you need to get started sooner rather than later so you’re ready to show off all your hard work by swimsuit season.  

The power of SculpSure

If you’ve tossed around the idea of having liposuction to get rid of your fat, but you’re not ready for surgery, then SculpSure may be right for you. This revolutionary treatment gets rid of your fat without surgery or even downtime.

SculpSure uses laser heat energy that targets the fat cells under your skin to raise their temperature to a point that destroys the cell, without causing even a mark on your skin. Your body then processes the destroyed fat cells through your lymphatic system and gets rid of them for good, without scalpels, without anesthesia, and without any need for you to take time out from your regular activities.

Sculpting all your problem areas

At American River Urgent Care, we use SculpSure to melt the fat off some of the most common trouble spots. The treatment is FDA-approved for use on your:

We can even use the laser energy to get rid of the submental fat under your chin, or what you might refer to as your extra chin.

What to expect

SculpSure is an enjoyable fat-melting treatment. During your session, you may feel a warm tingling sensation as the laser energy zaps your fat cells. Treatment only takes 25 minutes, so it’s something you may be able to fit in on your lunch break. Once you’re done you can go back to work, hit the gym, or head out with your friends.

Getting the results by summer

While SculpSure offers many benefits, the results aren’t immediate. It takes your body some time to process and eliminate the fat from the treated areas. You should start to notice an improvement in your shape about six weeks after treatment and enjoy the full results in about 12 weeks, or just in time for summer.

You may also need more than one session to get the body shape you want. When you come in for a SculpSure consultation, we can go over your aesthetic goals and determine how many sessions you need to get the results you want.

Is SculpSure for me?

We can help you determine if SculpSure makes the most sense for you and your aesthetic goals during your consultation. But it’s important to have realistic expectations of what SculpSure can do for you. Yes, it can help you lose fat. Yes, it can reshape your body. But SculpSure isn’t meant to be used as a tool for weight loss.

Summer will be here before you know it. Let us help you get the swimsuit body you’ve worked so hard on with our SculpSure treatment. Call American River Urgent Care today for a consultation.

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